Drama in S3 will consolidate existing skills learned in S1 and S2 while developing new skills and abilities. Pupils will study a technical unit, learning the processes of directing and staging while also gaining knowledge and understanding of theatrical arts and develop breadth in their acting ability. There will be opportunity to learn how to use the lighting rig, mixing desk and pyrotechnics and abilities in design will be nurtured through creation of plots for film and stage make-up design, set design, props workshops and costume design. Written evaluative essays will be produced for a folio which may be based on theatre trips and presentation of pupils own work.

A folio of work will be compiled and used for internal assessment purposes and pupils work in the practical areas of the course will be continually assessed throughout the year.

Course Overview

Creation and rehearsal of practical work for performance

Script Writing

Evaluative Essays

Technical training on theatrical equipment

For further information please contact - Mrs F MacPherson, Teacher of Drama.