Digital Media Computing

An alternative to Computing Science, this course gives pupils an opportunity to develop and enhance their IT skills. The various units which make up the course enable pupils to develop vocational skills by improving their practical abilities, focusing on industry-standard software.  Development of these skills are not related to a specific vendor, e.g. Microsoft.  We seek instead to teach transferable skills that can be used in a range of environments.

Course Outline

The course covers the following units

1.  Building Digital Solutions

word processing / presentation software / animations / introduction to games development

2.  Information Solutions

use of scanners, graphics tablets & digital cameras / graphics / advanced animations / web site development

Additional Information

As this is a skills-based course, progress will be measured through completion and evaluation of small practical projects. Several projects will be undertaken throughout the year with pupils acting as beta-testers for each others projects.

At the end of S3, pupils will have the opportunity to study further aspects of Computing. 

For further information please contact - Mrs Teresa Summers, PT Computing Science.