Pupils experience a range of class activities within CDT in S1 and S2. These activities focus on developing the following core skills: researching & analysing, design sketching, practical craftwork, presentation graphics, computer-aided drawing (CAD), computer-aided graphics (CAG), evaluating and self-reflection. Each unit of work provides pupils with opportunities to build their knowledge of design factors, materials, manufacturing processes, technical drawing, CAD and CAG techniques.

As we move on into S3 we continue the BGE phase but offer 3 very distinct courses:

• Graphic communication
• Design & Manufacture
• Design Engineer Construct (DEC)

Design Engineer Construct (DEC)

DEC is a newly accredited SQA course developed to create and inspire the next generation of Built Environment professionals. DEC applies a range of CDT subjects to the latest construction industry practices using a project-based approach. The course develops young people with real-world practical experience and employability skills. The course delivers an inspiring programme that is up to date and in demand by employers. 

Course Entry Requirements

Entry is through our BGE program in S1 & S2 - Pupils should have engaged positively with the DEC experience in S2 and kept their learning blog up to date.


DEC Level 1 (Nat 4) and DEC Level 2 (Higher)