Business Studies

Course Outline

Our Business course builds on the business basics pupils have studied in S2.    The 3 main themes will be: 

Developing Business Knowledge
The course will introduce and develop a wide range of business knowledge - with a focus on small and medium sized businesses.    Pupils will learn how to use business terms to describe what is going on around them in the real world.  The course will also include some specialist work involving Economics and Accounting.

Using ICT
In order to run a successful business pupils will learn how to use ICT to analyse data and to present information.   These life skills are developed along with the Business Knowledge rather than standalone skills.

Enterprise Activities
These will involve going on visits to real businesses and running their own small enterprise activity.   Our plan is to visit Coca Cola or Irn Bru during the year, however, there may be opportunities to visit other businesses during the course.  Small enterprise activities allow pupils to run their own business for a short period of time using their business skills and knowledge. 

Personal Finance

Whilst our main focus is business, pupils will use business skills to develop their knowledge and skills of personal finance.  The key concepts covered will include personal budgeting, sources of personal and business finance and debt management.


After completion of the S3 Business course,  pupils will go on to complete either the National 4 or National 5 Business Management course in fourth year.  A pass in National 5 Business Management will give pupils the opportunity to study Higher Business Management in S5/6, while a pass in National 4 Business Management will give them the opportunity to study National 5 Business Management or National 4/5 Administration and IT in S5/6.

For further information please contact -  Mrs Teresa Summers, PT of Computing and Business Education.