Course Outline

In third year pupils who choose Biology will study a course that contains National 4 and National 5 work. The course is designed to allow pupils to understand and investigate the living world in an engaging and enjoyable way.

The primary focus of the course will be the “Life on Earth” Unit. Pupils will develop knowledge and skills and carry out practical and other learning activities related to the study and investigation of life on Earth. Topics covered within the Unit include world ecosystems, evolution, natural selection and competition, behaviour, biodiversity, decay, recycling, microorganisms and ethical issues.

During the year pupils will engage in a wide range of investigative tasks which will allow them to develop both skills and knowledge. The course will focus on the local environment and visits will be made in which pupils will sample and identify the organisms present.

Additional Information

The third year Biology course develops scientific understanding of biological issues. It aims to develop pupils’ interest in and enthusiasm for biology, by using a variety of approaches, with an emphasis on practical activities. It is a course designed for boys and girls who are considering a career in science or who quite simply wish to do an enjoyable science subject.

Studying Biology in third year will allow pupils to go on and complete either the National 4 or National 5 course in fourth year. A pass in National 5 Biology will give pupils the opportunity to study either Higher Biology or Higher Human Biology in fifth year.

A qualification in Biology is useful for college and  university entrance as well as for a variety of science- based careers. These include agricultural science, dentistry, dietetics, forensic science, forestry, laboratory technician, medicine, nursing, pharmacology, physiotherapy and veterinary science.

For further information please contact Dr G Armstrong or Mr M McShane,  PT of Biology.