Design and Manufacture

Pupils experience a range of class activities within CDT in S1 and S2. These activities focus on developing the following core skills: researching & analysing, design sketching, practical craftwork, presentation graphics, computer-aided drawing (CAD), computer-aided graphics (CAG), evaluating and self-reflection. Each unit of work provides pupils with opportunities to build their knowledge of design factors, materials, manufacturing processes, technical drawing, CAD and CAG techniques.

As we move on into S3 we continue the BGE phase but offer 3 very distinct courses:

• Graphic communication
• Design & Manufacture
• Design Engineer Construct (DEC)

Design and Manufacture

Design and Manufacture is an established course at Kinross High with a  strong reputation for pupils moving on into the fields of Product Design, Engineering & Construction. The course has been structured to ensure that pupils are best prepared for the demands of further education and modern apprenticeships. 

Pupils will experience a range of design challenges that will build their capacity for creativity in design and their technical knowledge and understanding of materials & processes. Through each of the challenges pupils are required to demonstrate skills in sketching, annotation, design development, model making, and manufacturing processes. Pupils are actively encouraged to embrace modern technologies such as laser Cutters / CAD / CNC routers and 3D Printers.

Course Entry Requirements 

Entry is through our BGE program in S1 & S2 - Pupils should have demonstrated both a creative approach to their BGE coursework and a confidence in the use of materials and manufacturing processes. 

Progression Routes 

N4, N5, Higher, Adv Higher