S5/6 Parents Evening

S5/6 Parents Evening takes place on Thursday 28 November from 5:30 - 8:30pm. 

From 7pm on Thursday 21 November 2019, you will be able to choose appointments with your child’s teachers. To book, please visit https://kinrosshigh.parentseveningsystem.co.uk; the main contact will be able to log in with the following information:

Student’s First Name
Student’s Surname      
Student’s Date of Birth dd/mm/yyyy

Parents Evening System - Guide for Parents

You will receive an email confirming your appointments. Please note that the system will close on Wednesday 27 November at 5pm. Should you wish to make any changes after this date please contact the school office.

Parents Evening is a very well attended event and understandably pupils wish for their parents to meet all their teachers. To ensure that staff are able to meet with as many parents/carers as possible, each appointment should last for a maximum of 5 minutes per subject per child, unless a teacher indicates that more time is advisable, in which case you will be contacted in advance. We will do our very best to keep to the times agreed for the smooth running of the evening and appreciate your co-operation with this.

Should you be unable to get an appointment for a specific teacher or if you are unable to attend, please contact your child’s House Pupil Support Team in the first instance:


This year we have included the option to meet with the guidance team and our Careers Advisor. These appointments are optional and will last for 10 minutes. If you choose to auto-generate your appointments, these will also be included in your list. If you choose to book your appointments manually, you will have the option to untick anyone you do not wish to meet with.

Teachers will be situated in centralised locations on the ground floor of the campus. As you sign-in on arrival, you will be given a plan indicating where departments are located. Prefects will also be present to assist.

Representatives from Hodder Gibson and BrightRed will be available on the night, offering special offers on their revision resources.

Hodder Gibson - How to Pass Order Form
Hodder Gibson - Need to Know Order Form
Hodder Gibson - ESEP Order Form

If you have any queries at all, please do not hesitate to call the school office on 01577 867100.



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