Course Outline

BGE S3 and National 4 & 5 RMPS

 The National courses aim to encourage pupils to develop a range of transferrable skills such as: investigation, research, questionning and analysis. The courses enable learners to investigate and explain religious, moral and philosophical questions and responses, make comparisons, and develop the ability to express detailed and reasoned views.

The S3 BGE Phase includes a SKILLS course based on a variety of topics. This will help our students to develop the fundamental skills of our National courses such as: research, presentation, analysis, sources, different viewpoints...to name a few.

(BGE & S4)
  • World Religion- Hinduism
  • Morality & Belief- Religion, Medicine & the Human Body
  • Religious & Philosophical Questions- Evil & Suffering
  • Added Value Unit & Assignment- Personal Research
  • World Religion- Buddhism
  • Morality & Belief- Religion & Justice
  • Religious & Philosophical Questions- Evil & Suffering
  • Added Value Unit & Assignment- Personal Research

Please note courses are subject to change.


Assessment- Pupils will be assessed through an exam (1 hour 30 minutes), their Added Value Unit (N4) and their Assignment (N5). 

Mrs Harrison

Miss Paterson



  • Utilitarianism and DCT Assessment on Thursday 27th August


4RMPS- National 4/5

  • After the Summer test...Friday 28th August (Religion & Medicine and Hinduism content)


 5RMPS- National 4/5

    • Remember our weekly closed book test on a Friday



Past Papers

Although these are Intermediate Two papers, it is still worth trying the questions and checking your answers using the marking instructions. Remember: do not do the papers timed as the timing and structure of the paper is different to the National 5 paper. I am also happy to mark any questions you complete. 


 This is the link for the 2014 National 5 paper:



Here is the electronic copy of the National 5 Resource Sheet:

 National 5 Resource Sheet