Welcome to the Physics Department which has a complement of three staff:

    • Mr. Mark McShane (PT)

    • Dr. Colin Oates

    • Miss Alison Dick.

We run a friendly department promoting active learning with students participating in regular practical work. We aim to develop our students' independent learning skills by providing lots of support through:




Students can find guidance on due dates for homework or pre-reading for classes. They have access to a link for requesting assistance and we have a Twitter feed ( @physicsatkhs ) where students can receive up-to-the-minute information and links to relevant happenings in the world of Science.

We invite parents and carers to keep up to date through the site or to contact us with questions or suggestions.



Courses we offer in this field:

BGE Science and PhysicsCourse Overview

National 4 and 5 PhysicsCourse Overview

Higher PhysicsCourse Overview

Advanced Higher PhysicsCourse Overview