N5 Dance


Course Overview

Course Outline

Pupils will follow an exciting, fun and challenging course which covers two main areas: 

Dance: Technical Skills

In this Unit learners will develop their technical dance skills for solo and/or group dance performances. Dance techniques will be explored practically and developed in a range of dance styles before being applied in choreographed sequences.

Pupils should understand that they will be working hard to aim for a high level of performance and will develop their skills in areas that are perhaps not so well known such as Contemporary and Highland dance.  Learners will develop critical thinking skills and appreciation of dance. They will evaluate their own work and the work of others.

Pupils will learn the technique of different dance types and lessons will normally take the form of a formal dance class.  Please note that although there will be some Hip Hop / Street dance inevitably included in the course, this will not be the main dance form followed.

Pupils are required to perform two technical performances to an SQA examinor.

Dance: Choreography

In this Unit learners will develop and use self-expression and creative problem-solving skills. They will apply their knowledge and understanding of a range of choreographic devices and structures within the creative process to create short choreographed sequences. They will learn how to appreciate the impact of theatre arts on choreography and performance.  They will work towards choreographing a dance for two other pupils.  This is assessed by an SQA examinor.

Pupils also require to explain and justify their choreography choices. 


Units will be internally assessed and moderated by the SQA.

Pupils will also learn about the health benefits of dance and exercise.  There will also be opportunity to work towards a show performance. 

Mrs F Hepburn

Mrs Page