N5 Music Technology

National 5 Music Technology

The course details are contained within the files posted below. The course has three main elements





Music Technology Skills

In this Unit, learners will develop a range of skills and techniques relating to the

creative use of music technology hardware and software to capture and manipulate

audio. Learners will explore a range of uses of this technology through practical



Understanding 20th and 21st Century Music

In this Unit, learners will develop knowledge and understanding of 20th and 21st

century musical styles and genres, and an understanding of how music technology has

influenced and been influenced by 20th and 21st century musical developments.

Learners will develop a broad understanding of the music industry, including a basic

awareness of the implications of intellectual property rights.


Music Technology in Context

In this Unit, learners will use music technology skills in a range of contexts such as live

performance, radio broadcast, composing and/or sound design for film, TV themes,

adverts and computer gaming.


Being able to play an instrument is not essential although it can be an asset when it comes to recording.


Upon completion of all units, students will undertake a project of their choice in class that is submitted to the SQA.  This is worth 70% of their overall mark.

Pupils will then complete a question paper under exam conditions that is worth 30% of their overall mark.