Aims & Ethos


The principal aim of the Modern Languages Department is to enable pupils to acquire confidence in understanding and communicating in a new language, or languages, as well as to promote positive attitudes to learning.  In doing so, it strives to create a caring and supportive environment within which each pupil is able to achieve his/her potential.

In studying a foreign language pupils will:

-- extend their knowledge of how language works;

-- explore similarities and differences between the foreign language and English;

-- develop skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing;

-- learn a range of strategies for developing further proficiency in the foreign language;

-- understand the relevance of language learning within society and the wider world;

-- acquire knowledge, understanding and appreciation of different cultures and people;

-- develop positive attitudes towards speakers of other languages


Our department strives to make its courses stimulating and of relevance to pupils. Courses are regularly reviewed and class room practice is monitored to ensure that pupils’ learning experiences are consistent across the department.

Pupils are encouraged to use the target language as often as possible in the class room and to work cooperatively with other pupils whenever opportunities for this arise.

The department operates a rewards system whereby pupils are awarded a school Merit for noteworthy performance in a given area and prizes awarded at the end of each term to the pupil in each class with the most Merits.  Additionally, every week, each teacher chooses his/her “Pupil of the Week” whose name is displayed on the department notice board.

The department supports the school’s positive behaviour policy and pupils are encouraged to develop good work practice such as being on time, starting quickly and engaging fully with all aspects of learning in the class room.

Homework plays an important role in pupils’ progress in the foreign language and pupils are expected to complete all homework tasks promptly.