Course Overview

Modern Studies in S1 gives pupils a firm basis for studying the subject in future years.  We aim to develop pupils' skills of source handling and using date to draw conclusions.  The content gives pupils a solid understanding of the world they live in and their responsibilities to the society they are part of.  Developing political literacy is a key part of the S1 experience.


Pupils are engaged in a range of activities that support and challenge them at every turn.  Frequent approaches to learning and teaching include; whole-class discussion, group work, individual written work, debates, research projects, presentations and many others.

Course Content

The areas pupils will be studying in S1 are:

  • What is Modern Studies?
  • Living in a Democracy
  • Pressure Groups
  • Social & Mass Media


Pupils will be assessed continually throughout S1-2. All pupils’ assessments will be recorded in their own ‘Pupil Folio’.  This will be a record of evidence of their achievements throughout S1 and S2 and will be used to determine their level of attainment.



Each unit in S1 has 2 significant pieces of homework that are designed to help develop skills and understanding.  Each unit also has a traditional end of unit assessment, and pupils are expected to prepare for this at home.

Recording and Reporting

Pupils are encouraged to reflect on their own strengths as well as to consider how they can continue to improve their skills.  This is supported by detailed feedback from teachers, who mark work regularly and have frequent conversations with pupils about their progress.

Any causes for concern are discussed at Departmental Meetings and passed on to Support for Pupils if appropriate.


Skills Development

Pupils complete a 'Skills Passport' throughout S1 in order to appreciate that skills developed in History are transferable across the curriculum.  They are also encourage to reflect on their own strengths in this areas as well as to consider how they can continue to improve their skills.  See here for more information: S1 Skills Passport