Course Overview

The S2 course gives pupils the opportunity to study both physical and environmental Geography topics. Examples of the Units covered are shown below.

Course Content


    • The Earth's structure
    • Plate tectonics
    • Earthquakes
    • Volcanoes
    • Consequences of natural disasters
    • Investigation


    • The Tundra: its location and extreme climate
    • Group presentation: how animals adapt to life in the Tundra
    • How people live and work in these extreme conditions
    • The exploitation of natural resources in the Tundra and its impact on local communities and the landscape


Within the course we use a variety of teaching and learning approaches including, cooperative learning, group work, class discussions, individual written work, presentations, debates and role play.


Assessment is an integral part of our teaching and learning process and we recognise that regular positive and constructive feedback is very important to help pupils progress. Pupil assessments range from short topic tests to extended written tasks, from project work to homework. Pupils are also encouraged to self reflect and are given the oportunity throughout the year to assess their own progress and set their own targets.


Homework is set  to support and consolidate classroom learning and can vary from pupils researching a topic for a report, revising for an assessment or looking over the work of that day's lesson.

Recording and Reporting

All pupil assessments are routinely graded and recorded by the teacher and the results are stored centrally, these results are used by staff to track the progress of the individuals and ensure that their needs are being met. Pupils also review their own attainment and are encourage to identify ways to improve their learning. Staff report formally to parents as per the school calendar, however any concerns about a pupil's progress would be raised our weekly departmental meeting. After speaking with the pupil, if need be we would contact home by phone or letter, discuss our concern with our Guidance and Support for Learning colleagues or indeed with the Senior Management Team.

S2 Course Outline