Advanced Higher Geography

The Advanced Higher qualification in Geography gives an in-depth understanding of complex ideas about how the world works and also gives the opportunity to carry out research, with an emphasis on fieldwork.

The study of Geography at Advanced Higher level also gives the opportunity to develop a high level of skill in independent study, co-operative learning, objective thinking and the ability to communicate clearly and confidently. Pupils will gain expertise in the use of a range of maps, diagrams, fieldwork techniques, report writing and IT.


Course Overview

There are two components which make up the course:

 Component 1 - Folio Work                     100 marks

The folio is broken down into two separate parts:

i)  The Geographical Fieldwork Project or (Study)

For the Geographical Study you will carry out  fieldwork on a topic which interests you such as river pollution or crime rates (the choice is up to you).  You will research the topic, collect data and then process the information and turn this into a report.

 ii) Critical Evaluation of a Controversial Topic or (Essay)

The Geographical Issue requires you to identify a current controversial topic such as migration and examine the different views of the people concerned. You then present your views in the form of an essay.

Component 2 - SQA Exam         50 marks

There is also an SQA exam which tests map interpretation and data handling and processsing questions.


Pupils will be expected to pass the three internal unit assessments which are based on their fieldwork, criticl essay and classwork.


The 'folio' of work consisting of the Geographical Study and Geographical Issue is sent off to the SQA to be marked and this mark is added to the score gained in the written exam.





Mr McAuley