S2 Drama

Course Overview

Our S2 course follows the Experiences and Outcomes outlined in Curriculum for Excellence. S2 classes attend Drama once a week.


Pupils work in small groups and individually to create a piece of drama for performance. Units are based on improving and introducing new skills but delivered through the vehicle of themes and issues and these are used as a stimulus to create work. All units of work include both practical and written tasks. Typically units will begin with discussion, devising, character work, scripts writing, developing character through practical and written exercises, rehearsal, production skills, performance, discussion, written peer and self-evaluation of the process and performance.

Unit 1 (May to July) Narrative Music Video - Narrative and Film skills

Unit 2 (Aug - Oct) CSI - Investigation skills and linked with the Maths Department to improve their use of Scale in set design.

Unit 3 (Oct - Dec) Physical Theatre - Movement and Presentation skills in a different form.

Unit 4 (Jan - Mar) Our World at War - Research skills, character skills and linked with the Modern Languages Department to improve their use of a foreign language in a performance.

Unit 5 (Mar- May) Political Parties - ‘The Island' - Awareness of political and social issues and Presentation skills.


Each unit culminates in performance and evaluation to assess pupil’s knowledge and understanding of the elements of performance.


The Drama department supports a positive homework policy. The occasional homework assignment will require pupils to complete written character work, research or evaluation work in their own time.

Recording and Reporting

Performance and written assessments form the basis for the comments in the pupil report issued to parents in February. These results are also used to inform decisions about progression in S3 when pupils express interest in continuing their studies in Drama at National 4 or 5 level.


Mrs Moss

Miss MacNab

Mrs MacPherson