S1 Drama

Course Overview

Our S1 course follows the Experiences and Outcomes outlined in A Curriculum for Excellence. S1 classes come to the department twice a week.



Pupils work in small groups and individually to create a piece of drama for performance. The course aims to build on their previous experience of Drama from primary school and use these skills when transitioning into High School. Units are based on introducing new skills but delivered through the vehicle of themes and issues and these are used as a stimulus to create work. All units of work include both practical and written tasks. Units will begin with whole class discussion and group dicussion, then leading into a variety of tasks such as devising, character work, scripts writing, developing character through practical and written exercises, rehearsal, production skills, performance, discussion, written peer and self-evaluation of the process and performance.

Unit 1 (Aug - Sept) Camping/Circus - Mime Skills and encouraging their social  and teamwork skills in their new class.

Unit 2 (Sept - Oct) Fairtrade - Whole school focus to improve their cultural awareness

Unit 3 (Nov - Dec) Darkwood Manor - Character and Movement skills

Unit 4 (Jan - Feb) Fairytales - Relationship and Evaluation skills

Unit 5 (Mar - April) Hadrian's Wall - Historical research skills and linked with the History department.

Unit 6 (April - May) Harry Potter - Storytelling skills



Each unit culminates in performance and evaluation to assess pupil’s knowledge and understanding of the elements of performance.


The Drama department supports a positive homework policy. Homework is set to prepare pupils for the performance and written tasks throughout and at the end of the unit. The occasional homework assignment will require pupils to complete written character work, research or evaluation work in their own time.

Recording and Reporting

Performance and written assessments form the basis for the comments in the pupil report issued to parents in May. These results are also used to inform decisions about progression into S2 and target setting

Mrs Moss



Write a diary entry in character (in first person) from the bus journey to Darkwood Village to having just spoken with people from the village.

Be descriptive and write in sentences.

Try to write as your character would.

Be conversational.

Miss MacNab

Mrs MacPherson