Welcome to the Drama Department.



Drama is an exciting and creative subject that allows all students, of all backgrounds and abilities, to learn in a different and imaginative way.

Meet the Department

We have three specialist Drama teachers making up one half of the Performing Arts Faculty – Miss Macnab, Mrs. MacPherson and Mrs. Burrows. Mr. Rosie, specialist Music teacher, is the head of the faculty. The Performing Arts Faculty is located on the ground floor of KHS.

The drama department has a drama studio equipped with a props store, full lighting rig, range of set pieces, fully equipped wardrobe department and sound system, a lecture theatre with a range of IT facilities and portable lighting rig and access to the stage with a full lighting rig, sound system and separate control room.






S1 visit the drama department twice a week and S2 visit once a week to explore many different topics and develop a variety of skills including mime, improvisation, character building and script writing. After course choice in S3, the pupils visit the department three times a week, honing their skills in drama and exploring new production skills such as Lighting, Sound, Make-up and Hair, Costume, Set and Props. Choosing Drama in S3 allows them to deepen their understanding of the subject and explore topics in a focused and supportive environment.


The courses we provide are National 4 and 5, Higher and Advanced Higher, for more information on each of these courses please click on their pages.


We present National, Higher and Advanced Higher performance evenings at various times throughout the year. In the past we have written and produced pupil and staff pantomimes and school shows.

Extra-curricular activities and opportunities we offer:

Theatre trips – We provide many opportunities throughout the year to attend a variety of styles of theatre for all year groups. Our Edinburgh Fringe trip in the summer break is a very popular tradition with our Higher and Advanced Higher pupils.

Rock Challenge – This is a dance drama team and is very popular in Kinross High School. It is an audition based extra-curricular activity but we provide workshops and activities throughout the year for all interested in dance and drama.

As a department we are keen to provide as many opportunities for our pupils as possible and have been able to secure many one off experiences each year. In previous years we have worked with visiting professionals such as Gregory Burke, writer of award winning play, ‘Black Watch’, Rachel Riordan, artistic director of Perth Theatre and Catherine Wheels Theatre company to name a few. We very recently worked in collaboration with professionals on film and animation projects with our S1 pupils. We are currently building strong links to Perth College, ‘The Space’ in Dundee, Dundee Rep and Perth Theatre and hope this will lead to many more opportunities each year.





Courses we offer in this field:

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