N4/5 Practical Woodworking

Course Overview

The course allows pupils to learn fundamental woodworking skills in a progressive fashion. Each Unit covers a different set of woodworking skills. All of the Units include skills in measuring, marking out, cutting and jointing techniques. Throughout the Units pupils will develop an appreciation of safe working practices in a workshop environment whilst also gaining an understanding of sustainability issues in a practical woodworking context. 


The course is practical and yet exploratory and experiential in nature. It combines elements of practical woodworking techniques and standard practice with elements of creativity. The course also gives pupils the opportunity to develop thinking skills and skills in numeracy, employability, enterprise and citizenship.


There are four mandatory Units including the Added Value Unit that are internally assessed on a pass/fail basis.

Flat frame Construction: Helps pupils develop skills in setting out and making basic woodworking joints commonly used in flat frame joinery. Pupils will read and use simple woodworking drawings or diagrams.

Carcase construction: Helps pupils develop skills in setting out and making basic woodworking joints commonly used in carcase joinery. This may include working with manufactured board or with frame and panels. The Unit includes use of simple working drawings or diagrams.

Machining and Finishing: Helps pupils to develop skills in setting up and using common machines and power tools. It also helps pupils to develop skills in a variety of simple woodworking surface preparations and finishing techniques.

Added Value Unit - Final Project: This Unit requires pupils to draw on and extend their range of practical woodworking experiences and skills in order to produce an effective overall response to the project task. The assignment itself is sufficiently open and flexible to allow for a degree of personalisation and choice. 



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