N4/5 Graphic Communication

Course Overview




The Gannt charts below show a break down of the years. Students should use these charts when meeting deadlines, planning other activities or during periods of absence. Summative assessment takes place throughout the course. 

























Please click on the links below to navigate to full scale PDf's of the gannt charts.

S3 Timeline here

S4 Timeline here




Recording and Reporting


Mr Linton - S3

Homework for 6/10/15

Complete the homework task on production drawings (2 questions).

Remember to refer to your text book, the pages are indicated on the H/W.


Homework for 29/9/15

Ensure your 'O' Shelf project is up to date.

Check my demo folder and take a photo record if necessary.

Mr Smith - S4

Try to get all production drawings (components and assembly) for the electronic product completed, printed and in the assessment folder before we next meet please. In addition to this you should also have all the rendered images of your 3D model saved in your directory (fully cropped and saved in a pageplus document if possible). Next time we are in we will be working on DTP thumbnail layouts and you will need your images ready!


Mr Mylchreest - S3

Mr Linton - S4