Higher Design & Manufacture

Course Overview

The course offers a deeper insight to the processes of design and manufacture, explores strategies adopted in commercial product design and examines the role design plays in our everyday lives. The course aims include developing our students creative and problem solving abilities and provides opportunities to showcase these skills in the design assignment. Manual graphic techniques, 3D computer modelling and desktop modelling feature heavily in this design course. 


The Gannt chart below shows the breakdown of the year, students should use this when planning other activities across the year. Summative assessment will take place throughout the course of the year and not just at the end of each topic or  task.

Use the link below to download a PDF version of the chart.

Higher Design & manufacture Course Plan


 Formal homeworks will be set each week and pupils are expected to work on their course work outwith class times, either at home or within the department during lunch time and after school.

Recording and Reporting


Mr Mylchreest

Mr Urquhart

Homework for 11/1/16

Complete section B questions 19 & 20 from your home study pack for Monday.


Homework for 26/10/15

Please read over the handouts on planning systems and complete both skill builder exercises.

If you have lost the handout, you can download it via the link below:

Planning Systems handout

You should also be reviewing your Research plan for coming back to school. Please make sure that each question you ask is going to help you write a specification point, if the question does not help you wrtie a specification piont you will have done some research for no reason.

There should be a clear pathway from your initial analysis of the brief, through the research plan and research to the specification. 

You also need to make sure you are considering the Retailer, Product and Target Market in your research and specification, failing to do this will result in a weak specification.

The graphic below should help illustrate what we talked about in class.

We will start the assissement for this unit when we get back to school - You will be issued with a new brief to analyse, plan your research strategy, research and eventually write the specification, please make sure you're clear about this process.

Homework for 5/10/15

Please read over pages 18 & 19 and 72 & 73 in the Higher Product Design  text book and asnwer the revise as you go questions.

These answer should be extended and not simple bullet pointed lists - use your solotaxonomy word mat to help construct your answers.



Use the links below to access the support files.

 Research Plan