Advanced Higher Graphic Communication


Course Overview

The course helps prepare students for careers in the graphic design, engineering and construction industries. It provides a launchpad toward related university courses. The knowledge and skills learned are specialised and cover the areas of Desk Top Publishing (including graphic design), 3D-Computer Modelling and Manual Orthographic Drawing. The emphasis is on creativity in graphic design and on problem solving through 3D computer modelling.







Recording and Reporting


Mr Linton / Mr Smith


For Monday 26.10.15

Choose either a technical graphics or a visual media assignment project.

Create a mood board for your chosen assignment task.

Prepare an introduction and a brief to kick-off the assignment project.





Ensure that all the elements that you are required to produce within the Technical Graphics unit are complete by the beginning of week beginning 21.9.15. For the majority of the class this should mean that  you only have the evaluation of your Graphic techniques and technologies to complete, however there are a number who have lots of gaps still to plug. Look at where you are and address this quickly please.

Within the visual media unit; work on your analysis of the DTP layout for the museums and galleries booklet - in terms of elements and principles and DTP features that have been employed i.e. column structure, hieracrchy, font styles, etc. The work should be accurately annotated and any page structure dimensioned. See demo below.



Click on the links below to download study pack pdfs.

AHGC Study Pack Feb 2016

AHGC Study Pack Solutions Feb 2016