Advanced Higher Design & Manufacture

Course Overview

This course is focussed on the process of design development and manufacture. The students understanding of technological development, manufacturing processes and the complexites of design decision making is developed. By generating ideas and creating solutions to design briefs using various design approaches, creativity and innovation are optimised. Technological awareness and understanding is acquired through analysing, evaluating and developing products.


Throught out the course of study pupils will be required and encouraged  to work independantly, making the very best use of their study periods if they are to achieve their potential.


 The Gannt chart below shows the breakdown of the year, students should use this when planning other activities across the year. Summative assessment will take place throughout the course of the year and not just at the end of each topic or  task.

Use the link below to download a PDF version of the chart.

 AHD&M Course plan



Formal homeworks will be set each week and pupils are expected to work on their course work outwith class times, either at home or within the department during lunch time and after school.

Recording and Reporting


Mr Urquhart

Homework for 26/10/15

Please read over the handouts on planning systems and complete both skill builder exercises. You will need this knowledge to allow you to complete the systems diagram for your Product Analysis unit.

If you have lost the handout, you can download it via the link below:

Planning Systems handout

You should also be working on the candel holder project....... you have created initial concepts for the structure and started modelling these in school. Once you have a structure that works you will need to develop the aesthetic of the product. In doing this you will be required to: explore, develop, model, test, refine, research, justify and present your solution.

Ultimately you need to provide a vector graphic of your finished product that can be cut using the laser cutter, this file needs to be handed in on or before 30/10/15.