S3 Computing Science

Course Overview

Our S3 course follows the level 4 Experiences and Outcomes outlined in A Curriculum for Excellence - Technologies Curriculum Area. For further information on course structure and content, see the 'Resources' section.


We use teacher-led discussion, cooperative group work and many formative assessment strategies to give pupils the opportunity to demonstrate and improve their knowledge, practical skills and skills for learning, life and work.


Each unit has an associated written test and/or practical test to assess knowledge and understanding as well as problem solving skills. 


Homework is set regularly to support and consolidate classroom experiences. Some homework assignments will require pupils to carry out research in their own time.

Recording and Reporting

The tests form the basis for the comments in the pupil report issued to parents in March. Assessment evidence is also used to inform decisions about progression in S4, when pupils who choose to remain in the Computing Department will study Computing Science at either National 4 or National 5 Levels.

Mrs Summers

Monday 30th January - both classes

Complete Graphics Homework 1.

Friday 7th October - Class 3H

Return marked test papers with parental signatures.

Wed 5th October - Class 3E

Return marked test papers with parental signatures.

Monday 3rd October - both classes

Unit 1 Review Test.  See resources section for additional copies of the checklist.

Thursday 29th September - Class 3H

Code Comprehension:Identification - tasks 5-7 to be completed

Tuesday 27th September - Class 3E

Code Comprehension:Identification - tasks 5-7 to be completed.



Unit 1 - Introduction to Visual Basic Programming

Download: review checklist

Unit 2 - Selection & Repetition in Scratch

Download: SCRATCH

Download: Trivia Quiz Instructions

Unit 3 - Computer Systems

Download: review checklist

Unit 4 - Scratch Graphics

Download: Revision Sheet

Unit 5 - Manipulating Media Elements

Serif Drawplus* and photoplus* are at the centre of this unit used to create and manipulate images, including animations - both keyframe and stop-motion.

Download: Graphics review checklist 

Unit 6 - Advanced Website Development

Serif Webplus* project incorporating media elements produced in unit 5.

Unit 7 - Games Development

Creation of classic one-player Pong game.

Unit 8 - Final Project

Two-player pong and gaming website.

 * All Serif products - PhotoplusDrawplus and WebPlus - are available to pupils for a small fee of £10 each.  Please see your teacher if you are keen to use any of these packages at home.