N5 Computing Science

Course Overview

The National 5 Computing Science course builds on the work done in S3 Computing Science.

Course Content

The course consists of four units - Software Design and Development,  Web Design and Development,  Database Design and Development and Computer Systems.  


Teacher-led discussion and group work are used to give pupils the opportunity to demonstrate and improve their knowledge, understanding and practical skills throughout the course.


A folio approach is used throughout S4 to gather evidence for successful completion of both N4 units -  Information Systems Design and Development and Software Design and Development - as a 'fall back' position should it be required. As far as N5 content is concerned, progress is measured through end-of-topic tests and practical assignments.  There will be two prelims - one in December and another at the end of February. Each will last one hour and will determine next steps - i.e. presentation at N4 or N5 level.

Those pupils identified as N4 candidates will then use the remaining time to complete the N4 AVU assignment while those identified as N5 candidates will undertake an externally-marked practical coursework.  This is worth 30% of the pupil's final mark and will be carried out in 8 hours under exam conditions.  

The remaining 70% is achievable in the final external SQA exam.  


Homework is set when appropriate to support and consolidate classroom experiences. Some homework assignments will require pupils to carry out research in their own time.

Recording and Reporting

The end-of-topic tests form the basis for the information in the pupil tracking reports issued to parents in November, January and March while the S4 parents night in late January provides an opportunity to discuss successes and/or concerns.

Mrs Summers

Friday 24th November

I'm having trouble uploading the Past Paper Question sets.  I have arranged paper copies which will be available in class tomorrow - Tuesday 21st Nov.