Aims & Ethos

One of the problems we've had is that the ICT curriculum in the past has been written for a subject that is changing all the time. I think that what we should have is computer science in the future - and how it fits in to the curriculum is something we need to be talking to scientists, to experts in coding and to young people about.  Michael Gove

Thanks to Curriculum for Excellence, those conversations have already taken place in Scotland.  As a result, Scottish school pupils now benefit more than ever from a computing curriculum that is fit for the increasingly exponential technological demands of the 21st century. Our young people are often perceived as 'digital natives', arriving at Kinross High School with experience and competence in using a range of ICT 'tools'.

The aim, therefore, of the Computing Science Department at Kinross High School is to encourage these ICT users to become confident, competent and innovative ICT creators