Advanced Higher Chemistry

Course Overview


The course follows the SQA CfE Advanced Higher syllabus and covers key concepts in organic, physical and inorganic chemistry. More details can be seen on the SQA website.


Pupil are issued with homework questions and would be expected to be completing some every week. Pupils are also expected to consolidate work at home.


 NABs and A/B test are given after each unit. The project should also be completed timely.

Recording and Reporting

 Parents are informed of progress by report card and at parents' night.

Researching Chemistry unit - Mr Peddie

Students should be considering ideas for their project.

Theory units - Dr. Armstrong

Each week, students should consoldiate work done in class.


Each week, students should also complete the problems in the work book that link the the parts of the course just covered.


The arrangements for the 2016 prelim are given in the attached document. - Advanced Higher prelim content 2016