Assessment Timeline

Pupils will undergo the following assessment. The following are given as rough indicators, which may change, as each class is taught  at a pace appropriate  to the learners in the class.



National 4 and 5

 CfE Higher

CfE Advanced Higher

Knowledge based assessments

Unit 1 NAB – by June of S4


Unit 2 NAB – September of S4


Unit 3 NAB – March of S4


Unit 1 NAB – September


Unit 2 NAB – December


Unit 3 NAB – March

Unit 1 NAB – November


Unit 2 NAB – March


3Researching Unit  NAB – October


(order of units 2 and 3 may change depending upon the class teacher)

Items Required for Moderation

Outcomes 1, 2.2 and 2.3 – October of S4





Outcome 1 – November


Researching unit - December

Researching unit  – March



Items sent away for external marking

Assignment – December of S4


Assignment (and related items for moderation) - December

Project – Experimental work to be completed by December and write-up by March