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Chemistry is taught by four teachers at Kinross High School - Dr. Armstrong, Mrs. Forrest, Miss. Foote and Mr. Peddie.  The department aims to give students an active understanding of the chemistry in the wider world and a good grasp of the lab skills required for any scientific career.

In S1, Chemistry forms part of the general science course and covers concepts around the idea of particulate states of matter.

In S2 Chemistry is taught by specialist teachers as part of a rota system and covers the periodic table, chemical reactions and acids and alkalis.

In S3 and S4, pupils are prepared for the SQA National 5 Chemistry exam. More details can be seen at the SQA website.

In the senior stage, Higher and Advanced Higher Chemistry are offered. Again, more details are given on the SQA website.

More detail about courses and homework issued is given in the deparmental pages.


More detail on how parents can help their young people in Chemistry is given at: parent guide


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Courses we offer in this field:

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