S2 Biology

Course Overview

Pupils are taught in two blocks in rotation with our Chemistry and Physics departments. The S2 course consists of two topics; Cells and Microorganisms are taught in the first 9 week block while Fertilisation and Embryo Development are taught in the second block of three weeks.

Organisation of Resources

Pupils are issued with a class jotter for notes and homework.


Our S2 course follows the Experiences and Outcomes outlined in A Curriculum for Excellence. We use teacher-led discussion, cooperative group work and many formative assessment strategies to give pupils the opportunity to demonstrate and improve their knowledge, practical skills and skills for learning, life and work.


Pupils sit a test at the end of the first block of teaching.. The test assesses knowledge and understanding as well as problem solving skills. Depending in which rotation pupils come to Biology, they will sit the test at the following times:

  • First rotation in the middle of September.
  • Second rotation at the end of November.
  • Third rotation in the middle of February.


Homework is set regularly to support and consolidate classroom experiences. Some homework assignments will require pupils to carry out research in their own time.

Recording and Reporting

The test forms the basis for the comments in the pupil report issued to parents in late February. Test results are also used to inform decisions about progression in S4, when pupils who choose Biology will study at either National 4 or National 5 Levels.

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