Higher Psychology

Course Overview


Higher Psychology

The aim of Higher Psychology is to develop an understanding of the concepts, approaches, methods and applications underpinning the scientific discipline of psychology. The course develops the ability to interpret, analyse and evaluate psychological theories, evidence and research in a critical way.

Entrance Requirements

A Higher pass in English would be beneficial in order to provide the literacy skills necessary for success in this subject. 


The course consists of three Units whose contents are briefly described below.

 1. Individual Behaviour

a)     Sleep, dreams and sleep disorders.

b)    Memory.

2. Research

a) Research methods used in psychology.

 3. Social Behaviour

 a) Conformity and obedience.

 b) Aggression

Studying each Unit should allow pupils to develop their knowledge and understanding of topics, many of which may be of personal relevance.


At the end of each Unit pupils will sit a Unit assessment. Pupils will sit a prelim in February as preparation for the final SQA exam. The exam is worth 60 marks.   In addition pupils have to research, carry out and write up an assignment which is marked by the SQA. The assignment is worth 40 marks.

Other Information

Higher Psychology is a useful introduction for those considering the study of Psychology at degree level. It is also useful for those hoping to take up careers in medicine, nursing, teaching, law, broadcasting and the civil service.

For further information contact Mr L. Forbes, PT of Biology


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