Advanced Higher Biology

Course Overview

Advanced Higher Biology 

The course consists of three Units whose contents are briefly described below.

1.  Cells and Proteins – cell culture, structure of proteins, binding and changes in proteins, membrane proteins, antibodies and molecular interactions within cells.  Using laboratory techniques commonly used by biologists.

2.  Organisms and Evolution – evolution, variation, sexual reproduction, parasitism, sex and how it influences animal behaviour.  Using field techniques commonly employed by biologists.

3.  Investigative Biology – scientific principles and practice, experimentation and the critical evaluation of scientific research. 

Studying each Unit should allow pupils to extend their biological knowledge and develop their problem solving and practical skills. 


At the end of each Unit pupils sit a test which assesses their knowledge and understanding and problem solving ability. Pupils must pass these tests before attempting the final exam. Any pupil who fails will have the opportunity to take another test after appropriate revision.

 The exam consists of one paper worth 100 marks. The exam contributes to 77% of the final mark.  All pupils will sit a prelim exam in February as preparation for the final exam.

 Pupils must also complete a project. They must apply the skills of scientific enquiry to carry out an in-depth study of a biological topic. The project write-up is marked by the SQA and contributes to 23% of the final mark. 


Pupils will be given regular homework, much of it based on Past Paper questions. 

Entry Requirements

This course is suitable for sixth year pupils who have obtained either an A or B pass in Higher Biology or Higher Human Biology.


A pass in Advanced Higher Biology is useful for anyone wishing to study Biology courses at University.  A pass in Advanced Higher Biology would also be helpful to anyone contemplating degree level study in Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Dietetics, Radiography and Chiropody. 

For further information contact Mr L. Forbes, PT of Biology.




Mr Forbes

Mr Martin



For Monday 29th February - First draft of the Introduction and Procedures sections of your Project.


Mrs McMinn




Pupils should make use of the Advanced Higher resources available on the Scholar website.
All pupils have been issued with a Scholar password.  Your username is your Scottish Candidate Number (SCN).
SQA information on the Advanced Higher course can be found at their website here.  This document gives details of how the course is assessed and the mandatory knowledge required for each section of the course.

Course resources

Unit 2 - Organisms and Evolution

Revision materials for the Organisms and Evolution UASP:

AH Unit 2 Revision Questions

AH Unit 2 Past Paper revision

 Unit 1 - Investigative Biology

 Karl Popper video clip



Project Reports

Here's the link to the Edinburgh Zoo webpage if you are interested in carrying out your project there.