Aims & Ethos

The principle aim of the Biology department is to foster and encourage an atmosphere of enjoyment and learning within which positive attitudes can develop. The first priority of teachers should always be to their pupils. Accordingly, the Biology department attempts to adopt teaching methods which address the needs of all pupils. Our teaching approaches are designed to help pupils develop:-

  • A knowledge and understanding of biological concepts.
  • Problem solving and practical skills.
  • Strategies for effective learning.
  • The ability to work with others and to respect their rights, views and feelings.
  • The realisation that they must ultimately take responsibility for the management of their own learning.
  • An awareness of factors which can affect the health and safety of themselves and others.
  • A realisation that man must care for the environment and the plants and animals which inhabit it.
  • An increased knowledge of biology-based careers.


The department strives to make the courses on offer of interest and relevance to pupils. To this end teaching notes and methodologies are regularly reviewed and classroom practice is monitored to minimise learning difficulties, enhance interest and ensure challenge within the department.

The department supports the school promoting a positive behaviour policy and pupils are encouraged to develop good work practice such as being on time, starting quickly and concentrating on the tasks in hand. The department organises an annual trip to the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens for third year pupils as part of their course as well as a field study at Loch Leven. Informal lunchtime tutorials take place on an ad hoc basis. Members of the department may also run study classes after school.